5 Ways Inventive Recipes for your 4th of July Hot dogs

July 2, 2018 | Blog

With the Fourth of July quickly approaching, grills all across the country are getting ready to heat up. Burgers and hot dogs are always Fourth of July crowd pleasers, but how can you make your barbecue the standout in your neighborhood? Try these twists on the classic hot dog to surprise friends, family, and hungry neighbors.

Grilled Cheese Hot Dogs

Grilled Cheese Hot Dog

The cheesy take on a classic hot dog is too tasty to miss.  (The BakerMama)

Why choose between a grilled cheese and a hot dog when you can combine the two? With this super easy recipe, you can please kids and adults alike with this cheesy twist on the staple hot dog. After trying out this recipe, you’ll never want to separate the two again!

BBQ Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs

Bacon Wrapped

This hot dog variation is a meat-eaters paradise.  (Six Sisters’ Stuff)

If you thought hot dogs couldn’t get any tastier, try wrapping them in bacon with this recipe. Better yet, add a bit of barbecue sauce at the end of cooking for a tangy twist. When your guests come back for seconds, there is no need to fear, because they only take eight minutes to cook!

Baked Chili Cheese Dogs

baked chili

This messy classic may need to be eaten over a plate.  (Damn Delicious)

If you want to go all out this Fourth of July, try this meat-lover recipe for the chili cheese hot dog of your dreams. If it becomes a bit too messy, just dish out the chili cheese next to the hot dog on the plate, instead of on top.

Hawaiian Hot Dogs

Pineapple hot dog

The pineapple and hoisin add a sweet-and-salty flair.  (That’s so Michelle)

You’ve heard of Hawaiian pizza, but how about Hawaiian hot dogs? For any pineapple lover, this is the recipe for you. Topped with bacon, chives, and hoisin sauce, this hot dog is packed with sweet-and-salty flavor that is sure to impress.

Bacon-Wrapped Sonoran Hot Dog

pico hot dog

This takes the bacon-wrapped dog to the next level.  (Damn Delicious)

For a twist with a little spice, try out this recipe for bacon-wrapped Sonoran hot dogs. The already-loved bacon-wrapped hot dog is served sitting on warm beans and topped with refreshing avocado pico de gallo. Make sure to make extra pico de gallo to use as a dip.

Story Source: Fox News